Unsure if you are doing the "right" or "best" thing with your client?

Frustrated with a coaching client's progress?

Cruising comfortably along but want to up your game?

Seeking ICF accreditation and need a mentor coach?

Want to celebrate successes in your coaching work?

Feeling alone and want to connect?

You can feel confident that you're providing high quality and effective coaching with supervision. This will allow you to attract more clients, increase your revenue and live a life that is aligned to your values.



Supervision is...

  • A collaborative conversation with an experienced coach around your practice.
  • A chance to confront areas of difficulty within your coaching work
  • A focus on building upon you strengths whilst noticing areas for development 

Supervision is not...

  • Being told what to do or how
  • A measurement against a set standard
  • Business coaching (i.e. how to attract clients)