How do I work?


I offer supervision to coaches of any level or speciality who want to enhance their professional coaching work.


I provide supervision for coaches in the following ways:

  • Online – this can be done in either an individual or group basis.
  •  In person – this can be done in either an individual or group basis.

What approaches do I take?


I create a reflective space for us to work together to develop your professional practice. I base the supervision sessions around you and your clients with the guiding principle of "how is this going to benefit your client?"


I incorporate various tools, methods and models e.g. Hawkins' 7 eyes/lenses, Clutterbuck's 7 conversations and Brief Solution work to name a few.


As a supervisor I can be a mixture of supportive, advisory and challenging to help you grow and develop as a coach.


3 words to describe my supervision style?


Approachable, insightful and pragmatic.


Why choose me for supervision?


  • Trained     - I have the knowledge and skills to help you
  • Trustworthy - I provide a safe, confidential and comfortable space
  • Registered   - I follow the ICF ethical guidelines
  • Insured
  • Professional 

What to expect from your first supervision session?

What to expect from your first supervision session
A handout providing all the information you need for your first supervision session.
What to expect from your supervision ses
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Supervision agreement
Supervision Agreement.pdf
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What have others said?


"Thanks so much for this morning, in the space of an hour you blew my mind away three times!"


"Open, to the point, honest"


"I got a deeper understanding of techniques I already knew and new ways on how to apply them more effectively"


"Sudhir is relaxed and delivers with a sense of humour and is very relatable. There is a good mixture of what I did well and what I need to work on"